Come Join Our Yoga Family!!
Come Join Our Yoga Family!! 






Hot Series Standing  -Hot Series Standing is a class that practices 26 poses, each one is done twice. We start with a breathing exercise followed by a standing series, a floor series and finish with a breathing exercise. All levels welcome to this class. See you on the Mat!


Fusion Flow Hot Series class offers a unique style of standing postures followed by a limited flow. This class is taught the same way each time and all levels are welcomed. See you on the Mat!


Intro to Vinyasa  - This Vinyasa class is a standard class that is taught the same way each time. If focuses on alignment of the body and spends additional time in basic yoga postures to ensure the student feels safe before they flow. It includes one inversion, a mixture of balancing postures, a basic flow and explores specific postures that are used in most vinyasa flow classes. This class is welcomed to all levels and is geared to the beginner yogi however, it is still a full body workout! See you on the Mat! 


Vinyasa Flow Vinyasa means "breath synchronized movement." This class consist of a wonderful unique flow created personally by each instructor. The actual postures and flows will vary but the dynamic of the class stays the same. Be ready to flow through this class as you practice a variety of asanas, at least two inversions and learn the power of inhaling and exhaling. See you on the Mat! 


Vinyasa advance – This is a 75 minute class that focuses on a wonderful Vinyasa flow that is created to set the student up to practice at least 3 inversions. The transitions are fun and are uniquely designed for each particular class. See you on the Mat!


Yoga Sculpt Come prepared to have some fun! This class is taught with high intensity which involves cardio-enhanced transitions and yoga flow with weights. This class will increase lean muscle mass, build stamina, increase strength and flexibility and overall strengthen your yoga practice. See you on the Mat!



Please be well hydrated prior to your first class, drink plenty of water up to 24 hrs. before attending class. Try to eat 2-3 hrs before class, so you will have an empty stomach. If you must eat prior to class please choose fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.




All classes 60-75 minutes (please check schedule)

Please arrive on time , doors are locked at the start of class. This is for the safety of yourself and your belongings.

If you are using a Groupon pass, please give 24 hr. notice on class cancelations to avoid being charged.


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